Dodex (Vitamin B12)

Dodex (Vitamin B12) 1000 mcg 1 ml
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Dodex (Vitamin B12) is used to treat and prevent Vitamin B12 deficiency. It may also be used to treat pernicious anemia and various other conditions. Vitamin B12 is important for growth, cell reproduction, blood formation, and protein and tissue synthesis. Cyanocobalamin is a man-made form of Vitamin B12. Lack of vitamin B12 could lead to severe health conditions. Therefore if there is a deficiency, doctors often prescribe vitamin B12 injections to increase the levels of B12 in the body. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also lead to anemia, which is when the number of red blood cells drops.

Dodex (Vitamin B12) is safe for most people when taken by mouth or when the prescription-only injection is used correctly. In some people, Vitamin B12 might cause blood clots, diarrhea, itching, serious allergic reactions, etc.

Do not use Dodex (Vitamin B12) if you are allergic to cobalt or if you have Leber’s disease. Dodex (Vitamin B12) can lead to optic nerve damage or blindness in people with Leber’s disease. 

Before you start Dodex (Vitamin B12), inform your doctor if you have any of the following conditions such as any type of infection, iron or folic acid deficiency, kidney or liver disease or if you are receiving any medication or treatment that affects bone marrow. It is unknown whether Dodex (Vitamin B12) will harm an unborn baby. Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant while using Dodex (Vitamin B12). 

Dodex (Vitamin B12) can pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby. Inform your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby.

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